Shopping Insurance Rates Louisville KY

Shopping Insurance Rates in Louisville KY Saves Money
Can it happen when an insurance company advertises,

"15 minutes can save you 15% or more on your car insurance"?


ItShopping Insurance Rates Louisville KY’s possible. But then again, when shopping insurance rates in Louisville KY it’s possible for any insurance company to save you 15% or more on your car insurance. In fact, we could say, “15 minutes can save you 20% or more on you car insurance”. But just saying it doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Whether it's auto, homeowners or any other insurance, f
inding the lowest price is really a process of elimination. Getting apples to apples comparisons for "like coverages" from different insurance carriers is the only way you'll know who has the lowest price.

What do we mean by "like coverages"? Well, with GEICO, Esurance and other online do-it-yourself insurance companies, you're responsible for knowing the meaning of things like "like coverages" and for having adequate insurance knowledge to sort it out by yourself. You can call their 800 number for assistance if you get stuck in the middle of filling out an online quote. But that would shoot down any hope of getting it done in 15 minutes. Perhaps for some who know what they’re doing, 15 minutes is enough time to enter information for one car with one driver on one insurance carrier’s Website. But 15 minutes would certainly be more challenging if you have multiple cars with multiple drivers requiring the need for a lot more information.

What you won't get in the end are multiple prices from multiple insurance companies because they sell prices from only one insurance company. That means you’ll have to start all over again with another online insurance company if you want more prices to compare. Others like Allstate and State Farm are similar. Once you have contacted one of their "captive" agents and have repeated your information once again, you will end up with a price from their one main insurance company. There is certainly nothing wrong with shopping for insurance with these companies in this manner if you have the time and ambition to do it. But if you add up the time it takes to shop different insurance companies “one by one”, it’s obvious it will take a lot longer than the 15 minutes that little voice keeps repeating in your ear. The fact is, “one by one” shopping can be a slow, tedious and an inefficient way to shop when you have to contact insurance companies individually just to get their one take-it-or-leave-it price for comparison.