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Kentucky Auto Insurance

Kentucky Auto Insurance

Kentucky Auto insurance can be a dry subject particularly when you are trying to understand what insurance coverages you need or might want. We have tried to make it easier for you by using simple explanations and color codes below to help you connect the dots and understand your choices. 

Kentucky Auto InsuranceAuto Insurance Coverages
Minimum Liability Required by Law - 25/50/25


BI-25/50 (BI means Bodily Injury for those you injure outside your car while driving)
-Minimum Limits to be legal - 25 meaning $25,000 per person you injure in an accident,
-50 meaning $50,000 Max paid per accident regardless of number of people 

-(Higher limits are available typically 50/100 = $50,000/100,000 or 100/300 = $100,000/300,000)


PD-25 (PD means Property Damage to things you hit or damage with your car)
-Minimum Limits to be legal - 25 meaning $25,000 per accident 

(Higher limits are available typically 50 = $50,000 or 100 = $100,000)

-Leased cars will require higher limits typically 100/300/50

PIP-10*(Means Personal Injury Protection or No-Fault - for injured people in your car)
Minimum Limits - 10 meaning $10,000 per person
(PIP can be rejected by customer but most do not. Higher limits are available)

*PIP or No-fault insurance

-No-fault insurance (also known as personal injury protection or PIP coverage) can help pay for a policyholder's medical-related expenses after a car accident, regardless of fault. In some states, PIP can also pay for lost wages and other similar losses. In a typical no-fault claim, each insured party files a claim with their own insurer without waiting for a determination of fault.

-No-fault insurance aims to help injured drivers and passengers get medical care as swiftly as possible and does not apply to property damage.

-Each no-fault state has a monetary or verbal threshold that specifies a certain level of damage that, when surpassed, can allow an injured party to sue an at-fault driver. – Kentucky has a $1,000 threshold then the PIP claimant can sue the other at-fault party if warranted.

Other Non-Required Coverages


Uninsured/Underinsured MotoristsPays you for bodily injury/property damage if hit by uninsured driver or when hit by driver with not enough insurance to cover your losses. Highly recommended considering estimates of 30%+ drivers are uninsured.



Med, Med Pay, Medical - Usually in excess of other medical coverage. Limits can vary from $1000-$5000 or more.


GAP - Pays for difference in value and loan amount if car is a total loss. It may also pay the difference due on the balance of a lease if the car is a total loss. 


Comp (Comprehensive or Other Than Collision) Damage to your car other than collision with out of pocket deductible typically $250, $500, $1000, etc.

(Will be required by bank or leasing company if there’s a car loan or leased)


Collison – Damage to your car from collision with out of pocket deductible typically $250, $500, $1000 etc.

(Will be required by bank or leasing company if there’s a car loan or leased)


Towing – Usually pays up to certain amount, certain distance, paid out by insurance carrier or a reimbursement to you.


Rental Car –  Pays only as a replacement use when your car can’t be used due to accident. Not for vacation rentals or routine maintenance. Usually pays up to a certain amount for a certain number of days. Car rented is usually of equal or lesser type to your car because the insurance company doesn’t want you to be tempted to keep a better car longer than necessary to drive at their expense.
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