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Louisville Auto Insurance

Louisville Auto Insurance

Louisville Auto InsuranceWant to know how to lower your price for Louisville auto insurance? Many insurance Websites will tell you that reducing your coverage, raising your deductible or improving your driving record are sure fire ways to lower your auto insurance price.  We say, "Well duh!" That's because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that less auto insurance coverage and a clean driving record means a lower price. Common sense will tell you that. Buying less will certainly cost less but cleaning up your driving record can take 3 years or longer and therefore that advice may not help you right now.

How Does Auto Insurance Pricing Really Work?

The truth is that auto insurance prices are based on "risk" and the "losses" a Louisville auto insurance company has had to pay out to cover those "risks". As an example, if you are a 30 year old single male driver, you need to find an insurance company that has had good luck insuring 30 year old single male drivers and offers them a lower price because of it.

Likewise, if an insurance company has had bad luck insuring 30 year old single male drivers that has resulted in the insurance company paying a lot of claims, the price will be higher with that insurance company to offset the "losses" they have had to pay for those types of drivers. Although there are additional factors involved such as driving experience, annual mileage, the type of car you drive and so on, that is basically how it works.

Family Select Insurance has a good selection of quality, name brand, low cost auto insurance companies to shop from which increases our chances at finding you the lowest price for your situation and driving profile.

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